BDBikes Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Bike Bicycle Review

BDBikes Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Bike BicycleThe all new BDBikes Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Bike Bicycle with Prolonging Head has a placing bracket and also velcro band to keep protected on the roughest terrain. It has an adjustable valve end guaranteeing that it fits both Schrader as well as Presta shutoff kinds, with a 120mm extending pipe enabling easy tyre inflation without working from an unpleasant angle or around spokes. The aluminium bar and also barrel provides it toughness whilst keeping the weight down to a simple 92g, and it could inflate a typical MTB tire in 90 secs or a basic road bike tyre in 40 secs.

* Aluminium – NOT plastic locking lever
* Schrader and Presta valve compatible
* Bike Fitting and Bolts included
* Velcro securing strap included
* Clamp fits under Bottle Cage
* Push only pump action – easier and more reliable
* Ball needle and LiLo attachment included
* Fast Inflation see Timings below
* Extending hose means no need to work at an awkward angle or between spokes *no more rapped knuckles*
* 120psi max
* Weight: 92g
* Length: 210mm (Fully Closed)
* Material: Aluminium Barrel
* MAX PSI: 120
* Valve Type: Presta (Road Bike) AND Schrader (Mountain Bike)
* Extension: 120 mm Extending hose

* 26 x 2.8mm MTB tyre – Flat to 34 Psi in 90 secs
* Road Bike tyre – Flat to 80 psi in 40 secs

Please see Our BDBikes video on Youtube for in-depth guidelines.

BDBikes Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Bike Bicycle, An extremely practical as well as useful device. For first time users advise you read the guidelines prior to starting as it a little bit difficult to obtain to the best angel/position. Once comprehended how it works you will certainly be surprised just how powerful and also smart it is designed. It looks fairly robust, wish it lasts.

This BDBikes Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Bike Bicycle is outstanding! It is unusual easy to inflate a tire, also when you get upto stress its still very easy to keep going. Obtained a leak mid flight as well as easily obtained the tire back up to pressure with this, no should return home for the track pump, contiuned the flight without any trouble in any way. Highly recommend this, wonderful value for money.

The function of the cap expanding is actually convenient as you don’t put any type of pressure on the valve whilst pumping.

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  • FAST AND EASY: Push only pump action for fast inflation, Mountain Bike flat to 34psi in 90 seconds and Road Bike flat to 80psi in 40 seconds. Ball Needle Included.
  • PORTABLE AND POWERFUL: Weighs just 92g and just 21cm when closed with a 12cm extending hose that makes pumping easier, and protects your knuckles and the bike valve form damage. Lightweight, strong and durable.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Comes complete with frame mounting bracket and robust velcro strap to make sure it stays secure even over the roughest terrain
  • PRESTA AND SCHRADER: Reversible valve compatible with both Presta (Road Bike) and Schrader (Mountain Bike) valves. Easy to change valve for instant adjustment, search BDBikes in Youtube to see our video or use the link listed in product description to see how easy it is

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